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We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke timber packaging and supporting services. Our sustainable packaging products and services are used by businesses throughout the UK to protect and promote their products in storage and in transit. Whether our proposal is for timber packaging, patented case systems or corrugates, our experienced and innovative team will work collaboratively to agree the best solution which will make the most efficient use of materials, optimise strength and utilisation of load space.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all! The flexibility of our approach is key to tailoring solutions to meet the need. Our knowledgeable and experienced team includes in-house designers and CAD technicians who are able to tailor a packaging solution to best meet the needs of your product and logistical requirements, from packing line to end user. Our partnerships with patented case manufacturers add to our range of solutions and include clip together timber packaging and foldable plywood cases.

Pallet Lifecycle



Our timber packaging is produced from timber harvested from renewable and sustainable forests which have a positive impact on carbon footprint. During its growth, timber absorbs and stores CO2 from the atmosphere. As the demand for timber packaging increases more forests are planted and more CO2 is absorbed.


Number of miles travelled by our cases


Biggest case in metres we’ve made to date


Kg of CO2 absorbed in a m3 of timber

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