Used Pallet Collection

Our collection service gives your used pallets another life

Your used pallets are a resource that should never be wasted. Every year, we buy more than 10.5 million used pallets so they can be reused again and again. The empty pallets we collect are all hand sorted and carefully graded before being reconditioned and repaired. We guarantee a fair price for your used pallets.

A national network means you’ll find a used pallet collection near you

We operate from 13 pallet processing centres right across the country. This makes us the UK’s leading pallet buyers so, even if you have multiple sites, we will be able to serve them all reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably – minimising the fuel costs and carbon miles required to collect your unwanted pallets.

Getting the circular economy working for you

Getting pallets back into circulation is a win win for you and the planet. Not only will you get a fair price when you sell your used pallets to us, you will also be avoiding disposal costs. The wood contained in used pallets stores atmospheric carbon so it’s far more sustainable to keep it circulating in pallet form rather than chipping, skipping or sending it to landfill. We will supply all the documentation you need to show you are doing the right thing with your waste pallets and can provide data to feed into your sustainability reporting.

A dynamic and reliable pallet collection service is on your doorstep

Because of the scale and range of our pallet collection services, we can be extremely responsive for customers with large volumes of pallets requiring collection. Once you have registered with us, you will be assigned a dedicated, professional, account manager who can assess the volume of pallets for collection and the frequency of collections required from single or multiple sites.

To get your pallets moving in the right direction, complete the contact form or give us a call. We’d be delighted to explain how, together, we can deliver more environmental and economic benefits.

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