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Why ISPM15 is so important

Wherever you are exporting your goods in the world, ISPM15 certification is the “passport” that will ensure that they are not rejected at their port of arrival. As one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of new and reconditioned ISPM15 certified pallets, no one knows more about pallets  in your supply chain.
ISPM15 applies to all wood packaging material including pallets, crates and timber dunnage.
The benefit of the stamp is that it acts as a “passport” negating the need for accompanying paperwork in most jurisdictions.


ISPM15 and Brexit

Where once any pallet could be shipped across the EU from the UK, EU regulations post Brexit, mean that ISPM15 pallets are mandatory for UK shipments


Navigating the international ISPM15 landscape requires expert guidance

As with all aspects of international logistics, nothing is ever quite as straightforward as it might seem. To find out how we can ensure your pallets are globally compliant and enable you to export confidently to new markets, get in touch. The size and scale of our operations across the UK means that we always have capacity and are never far away.


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