Timber Supply & Sourcing

As a major buyer of pallet and packaging timber, we have developed our raw material supply chain to guarantee unparalleled quality and security of supply from sustainable timber sources.

Our experienced team of buyers ensures timber sourced is both EUTR compliant and derived from known and trusted sources. As an FSC® certified business, licence number C041490, we can additionally offer customers the comfort of full traceability to guarantee supply chain legality and sustainability.

Our timber is sourced globally to meet diverse customer-driven specifications, in line with our commitment to sustainable sourcing. The UK and Latvia are particularly important and well-matured sources of supply. We have developed comprehensive processes, systems and logistic arrangements to support security and quality throughout these supply lines.

Our exemplary relationship with the UK’s largest sawmilling group, BSW, is also an important part of ensuring our secure supply of homegrown timber from well-established and managed sources.


The cubic metres of pallet wood we use per year


The number of sawmills we source from directly


The number of different pallet specifications we manufacture


million new pallets manufactured each year



Sustainability is integral to our corporate values, and this drives the culture that is central to our operations in the UK and throughout our global supply chain.

We were one of the first champions of FSC® certification and are one of the few pallet manufacturers in the UK to have received this standard which ensures materials we use are from well-managed, legal sources. This ensures that every stage of the supply chain to the end customer actually receives certified timber. Our suppliers promote the policy of two for one planting to ensure the total area of forest is growing.

Our shipping services to multiple UK ports provide a secure supply that is unmatched by any other pallet manufacturer in the UK.

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