We operate a service led approach to doing business, which puts the customer in charge. By combining our technical and manufacturing expertise and capability, with our ability to work collaboratively we ensure we fully understand our customers’ requirements before proposing a solution.


We can take you through the process of design from concept and detail to modelling and sampling, using our prototyping and auto CAD facilities to add value. Our in-house expertise ensures that we are in control of your brief from start to finish. Our solutions can be designed for a one-trip economy or multi-trip use.

Managed Supply

We can supply you the way you want it. Either directly, or as managed stock. Vendor management allows us access to your stock to control and replenish at agreed levels, whilst consignment stocking gives you the visibility of stock without invoicing cost until stock is consumed.

Export Packaging

We pack your plant or equipment to your specification in our facility, using a range of export packs, barrier protection, dunnage and shipment monitoring. We can even assist with export logistics and shipping. We are ISPM15 accredited and provide kiln drying options.


Our transit packaging recovery service promotes circular economy principals which support customers to meet both environmental and commercial objectives. We can track your packaging, recover it from your customers’ location and remanufacture as required before returning it to you ready for re-use.


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