Precision packaging for safely transported goods

Our Scott Packaging site in Barry has reported success with a recent project for Team Precision to design and supply a reusable pack for the safe transportation of refrigeration valve assemblies from the UK to Ireland, involving multiple road and sea freight journeys.

Chris Hatton, Site Director at Scott Packaging Barry, said: “We tested a number of materials and packs before settling on a reusable plywood case with built-in shelf divisions. The valve assemblies were incredibly intricate needing support at critical points to prevent damage from shock or vibration whilst at the same time, ensuring that no two assemblies could come into contact with each other. We also had to maximise the number of units that could be packed into each layer.”

Plywood timber case packaging

Fifty packs were ordered and the customer has reported zero damage during the 10 months that the returnable packaging has been in use.

Ian Watts, Logistics Manager at Team Precision, said: “The project went well. Following a careful design process that looked at three different options for the most suitable material, the pack then underwent a ‘shake test’ with our end customer. The reusable packs have now been circulated in our closed loop for almost year, and our products are still arriving with the customer in good condition.”

Bespoke plywood case

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