The Pallet Loop: Green by Design

The Pallet Loop: Green by Design

We’re on a mission to transform the way building materials move throughout the construction industry and have been working away behind the scenes with the team at The Pallet LOOP to create a transformational, net carbon zero, deposit-based re-use scheme specifically for the UK construction sector.

Pallet LOOP is a new addition to our range of sustainable pallet solutions that complements our well-established, award-winning, Scott Pallets recovery service.

Currently, the vast majority of pallets circulating in the UK construction sector are cost engineered for single use – working on the assumption that they’ll probably be scrapped or skipped once they reach their final destination.

The Pallet LOOP delivers an alternative approach to single-use pallets that’s better for business and better for the planet. Incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, deposit-based system, we provide the construction industry with a simple, circular approach to pallet use that’s greener, safer and leaner.

Shifting the sector from the linear practice of ‘deliver, distribute and discard’ to the more sustainable model of ‘recover, repair, reuse’, we’re actively eliminating avoidable pallet waste from the building materials supply chain.

The race to zero carbon is on and the UK construction industry has ambitious targets to hit. Moving sustainability forwards means working with others to find long-term solutions to real-world problems. To support the construction sector with this important task, we are committed to working in collaboration to create a more sustainable future, together.

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