Supply chain efficiency at Scott Direct

Supply chain efficiency at Scott Direct

Scott Direct’s Supply Chain and Inventory Analyst, Robert Woolford, has been instrumental in recruiting two Heriot-Watt placement students, studying Masters’ programmes in supply chain management, to help improve supply chain efficiency. During his time with the business, Dimitrios Delimpaltidis developed a three-stage process for supplier selection, helping Scott Direct to make an objective decision between competing suppliers. This piece of work has the potential to greatly simplify Scott Direct’s inbound supply chain, and Dimitrios he has been awarded a one year contract to implement the new process within the business.

Peter Jackson was working closely with the warehousing team to explore the topic of warehouse design. Peter too has provided Scott Direct with some useful ideas from his studies which will form the basis of a warehouse reorganisation plan.

Both Scott Direct and Heriot-Watt have been delighted with the dissertation projects and hope to repeat the student placement next year.

Dr Christine E. Rutherford, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Heriot-Watt University, said: “I’d like to thank Scott Direct for supporting Dimitrios and Peter through the research phase of their studies, it’s been a valuable learning experience for both of them. Giving students the opportunity to work with companies like Scott Direct, willing to sponsor projects, really can help those individuals stand out from the crowd when competing in the job market.”

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