Shine a light on safety

Shine a light on safety

Scott Pallets and HLC (Part of the Scott Group) have issued new torches to help carry out important first use safety checks on company vehicles and trailers to ensure that they are fit to be used on the public highway.

Leading the initiative, Daniel McCallion, Scott Pallets, Regional Director – Reconditioned, North, said: “As a business that puts health and safety at the top of the agenda, we recognise our duty of care to all employees and ensure that we provide everyone with the correct tools to do their job.”

Supplied and branded by Scott Direct, we specifically chose to go with a robust wind-up torch as there is no requirement to add batteries thus reducing the risk of failure at a time where the driver may need it most.

Daniel continued: “We had considered other options such as head torches built into caps but drivers often need to change headwear depending on the situation so we needed a solution that would work for all. Also, due to the nature of conducting a vehicle check, the driver needs to be able to check the nooks and crannies of their vehicle so a torch provided the perfect solution.

Torches have been issued to all vehicles and each site also has a backup supply of spares that can be used as required.

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