Securing supply chain success

Securing supply chain success

During the past two years, the timber market has experienced unprecedented turmoil and volatility, so, it’s more important than ever to ensure the robustness of our supply chain. As it is a finite resource, our timber demand requires really careful planning and we are continually improving and developing our capacity and timber supply chain processes.

We always look at the bigger picture and only seek to source the right volume of timber for our needs.

As the UK is a net importer of timber – using more than it grows – our relationships with timber sources outside our own country are critical. We currently procure almost 500,000m³ of timber per year, sourcing around 50% from homegrown suppliers and the other 50% from the Baltics and the rest of Europe – so we always need to be ahead of the game.

We recently embarked on a series of internal workshops within our manufacturing business – bringing together our planners and buyers to embark on the next phase of continuous improvement. We’re always aiming to maximise the sustainability and resilience of our processes to ensure we continue maintaining continuity of supply no matter what the market throws at us next.

Together, we deliver more.

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