RFID pallet tracking boosts circular economy

RFID pallet tracking boosts circular economy

We’re pleased to report the successful deployment of RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags during a trial project with The Pallet Loop and MiTEQ, which sees the collaboration on course to roll out during Q1 of 2024.

This £300k investment sees the RFID tags being introduced specifically for pallets manufactured for distribution and management by The Pallet Loop for reuse in the construction industry.

Returnable items represent a perfect opportunity for RFID tagging and this initiative will deliver value right through the supply chain. In an RFID-based system, high-volume reading can be easily automated with quicker, more accurate results that ensure both supplier and customer benefit from several advantages, including:

  • Digitised asset tracking and inventory management
  • Monitoring of asset life cycles
  • End-to-end asset traceability (and quality assurance)
  • Improved data accuracy and availability
  • Enhanced visibility and control of production processes
  • Cost savings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better compliance, health and safety regulation

Hassam Hernandez, Scott Pallets’ Operations Director – Manufacturing, said: “By digitally tracking pallet movements throughout the supply chain, this innovative project helps us to support our clients’ long-term sustainability objectives. Not only does this help ensure an increasing volume of pallets are reused, but it has a positive financial impact on both our customer and their customers.”

MiTEQ, our supplier of RFID tags, is a specialist in the deployment, management, and support of asset tracking and automation solutions, and has already completed training with our teams at Burton, Needham, Peterborough and York sites – all set for launch in the New Year.

Find out more about the Pallet Loop scheme here. 

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