Protecting our workforce

Protecting our workforce

Without a doubt, the pandemic has tested our robustness, and we have been really proud of the response from our people throughout the UK.

Very early on, we created a COVID management protocol that included creating a dedicated committee of employees to help guide us through and tapping into our professional networks to ensure we were maintaining best practice in a rapidly evolving
environment. A number of measures were introduced across all of our sites, including one-way systems and changing shift patterns to accommodate social distancing, deep cleaning sites three times a day, sanitising equipment, restricting the movement of staff and reducing travel by embracing digital communication and supporting colleagues to set-up their home offices.

John Ballinger, Compliance Director at Scott Pallets, said: “Our number one goal has been to protect our workforce. Whilst we have introduced significant changes, our colleagues have adapted well and embraced the changes, maintaining a high level of
efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout.”

As lockdowns are starting to lift, we are working on a cautious pathway to ‘normal’ to ensure our business is on a safe route out of the pandemic.

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