Kiln Capacity Meets Growing Demand

Kiln Capacity Meets Growing Demand

Customer demand has increased for both International Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM15) certified pallets, which help prevent the spread of forest damaging pests ( and kiln dried pallets, which provide a dry environment for the transit of moisture sensitive goods

As members of the UK Wood Packaging Materials Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) the Group’s pallet businesses Scott Pallets, HLC, Pallet Logistics and Whirlowdale have responded to the growing demand and have invested significantly in this area of value added service to offer customers, security of supply and industry leading quality control of heat treated and kiln dried pallets.

Kiln Pallets

Scott Group’s combined UK wide, pallet kilning capacity is now a staggering 2,225,000 pallets per annum!

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