It’s a people business

It’s a people business

We’re proud to employ many of the best people in the industry, but, like everyone else just now, we’re always looking for more stars to join the team throughout the UK.

Following a successful recruitment campaign, we’re delighted to report that since September we’ve filled 126 vacancies throughout the UK across a wide variety of roles from HGV drivers and general operatives to finance and HR.

We now employ 1,330 people!

The HR team has been working hard to implement the rollout of two new digital projects to further streamline practices: TMS Time and Attendance, a leading employee time tracking solution; and Hireful, an applicant tracking software solution that is centralising our recruitment process to ensure we maximise the talent pool. There will be more news on digitisation to report soon.

We’ve also recently started working with Recycling Lives, the charity and social enterprise which aims to reduce homelessness and reoffending by supporting men and women into stable housing and employment. We’ve taken on two general operatives through the organisation, and hope to receive more new recruits in the coming months.

Together, we’re changing lives.

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