Improving customer communication

Improving customer communication

We recently invested in an intelligent, new, cloud-based CRM.

‘VECTA’ which is being implemented across the entire Group, is an all-in-one portal that securely stores our customer data and sales information in line with our GDPR obligations. It is already making an impact across our business by supporting our approach to proactive account management. Every member of every team will have instant access to our central bank of transaction and contact data, and will be able to use VECTA to help organise their short and long-term schedules.

As well as improving efficiency, VECTA will provide our customers with transparent and consistent reporting. The system also provides a live status on all customer accounts and detailed analysis of product usage and trends. This insight and information will enable us to more accurately forecast our operational production requirements, as well as enhancing levels of service to customers the length and breadth of the UK.

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