Housebuilders support pallet reuse and eliminate waste

Housebuilders support pallet reuse and eliminate waste

Market pressure is driving timber pallet prices up and creating significant challenges for timber availability. A growing desire and drive to source sustainable packaging solutions is evident across all parts of the UK construction supply chain. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to operate following circular economy principles, which protect the environment.

Environmentally and commercially, there has never been a better time to consider pallet reuse as a central element in any sustainable procurement strategy. Scott Pallets’ award-winning recovery, repair and reuse service has supported UK construction product manufacturers, housebuilders and merchants to reuse pallets for more than ten years.

We currently work with at least 2000 construction site collection points across the whole of the UK. Recovering pallets for repair and reuse by UK’s leading construction product manufacturers. We’re playing our part in eliminating all forms of avoidable waste by 2050.

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