Going green in construction

Going green in construction

Every year, the construction industry uses around 20 million single-use timber pallets, but less than 10% are reused. The vast majority will be skipped, chipped or shredded. This must change.

We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, with our service experiencing significant growth in recent years as environmental priorities continue to climb everyone’s agenda.

Our mission to transform the way building materials move throughout the construction industry is building momentum, and our recent introduction of The Pallet LOOP to complement our existing recovery service is enabling us to create a transformational, net carbon zero, deposit-based reuse scheme specifically for the UK construction sector.

The Pallet LOOP is a circular economy pallet reuse scheme that’s different by design. It delivers an alternative approach to single-use pallets that’s better for business and the planet. Incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, deposit-based system; we provide the construction industry with a simple, circular approach to pallet use that’s greener, leaner, stronger and safer – actively eliminating avoidable pallet waste from the building materials supply chain.

David Mercer, Operations Director – Recovery, Scott Pallets, said: ”This new service is a complete game-changer for the industry. By manufacturing stronger pallets designed to last multiple trips, we can completely replace single-trip, white wood pallets. We’re helping customers reach their net-zero goals by creating a pool of green pallets that can be tracked on their journey from start to finish, collected, repaired and returned to the pool for reuse, again and again.”

The recovery service has recently extended its network of repair sites and appointed Michael Morse, Business Development Executive, to help drive customer service levels nationally. There are already five UK pallet sites operating as collection points and repair hubs to facilitate the LOOP service, with four more being added by the end of the year and a further ten sites next year. The service has the capabilities and infrastructure to expand internationally, which is a really exciting concept.

Interested? Find out more and enquire at www.thepalletloop.com

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