Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement                                             

As the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop across Europe, the company is taking a proactive approach and is complying with all government and NHS guidance.

Supply Chain Security

We are working closely with our supply chain to manage any potential impact. Within our pallet businesses, Scott Pallets and HLC (Part of the Scott Group) the security of our raw material, timber, is a priority. Our sole supply relationship with the UK’s largest sawmilling group BSW, together with our other UK, Irish and Latvian supply relationships, should provide the best possible protection. We supply pallets from more than 30 locations UK wide, providing exceptional operational flexibility.

In our industrial supplies business, Scott Direct, the supply chain is more global, so we are working very closely with our suppliers to monitor impact and manage supply, prioritising existing customers if required.

Employee Engagement

There is a very low risk of catching Coronavirus in the workplace in the UK, but we remain vigilant. All employees and visitors to the site are asked to follow simple guidelines:

We refer customers and employees to the general advice issued by the UK government:

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