Simpsons Malt is a fifth-generation malt company and brewers malt supplier to the global beer and whisky industry.
We recently redesigned its pallets to decrease the volume of timber used, and are pleased to report some really positive results, reducing timber consumption by 25% year on year.

As a result of the redesign, we’re saving 819 trees, four trips from forest to sawmill and a further two trips from sawmill to factory – and that’s just this past year!

In terms of CO2 emissions saved, the redesign is equivalent to removing 871 cars from the roads, for the year to date in 2023, so the long-term impact is massive.

Ian Stephenson, Process Improvement Lead at Simpsons Malt, said: “In looking at different types of pallets and trialling new formats, the team at Scott Pallets has been exceptionally helpful both in supply and support.

“We are supplied with the correct volume of pallets needed each day, and this just-in-time service means we can keep inventory low and reduce the strain on our warehouse space.

“Scott Pallets supports our business by its flexible approach to customer service as well as helping us on our sustainability journey by thinking outside the box to make an impactful difference.”

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