Redesign for green success

Since acquiring Whirlowdale (now trading as Scott Pallets) in 2017, we have been working hard to collaborate with customers who are new to the Group, bringing about some key changes to further enhance opportunities to improve sustainability credentials throughout the supply chain.

As such, we have been working with longstanding Whirlowdale customer Rose Building & Waterproofing in West Yorkshire to redesign several of its bespoke pallets, the majority of which are used for supplying roofing products, such as felt and polycarbonate roof sheets, to the retailer B&Q.

Rose Building & Waterproofing recently joined B&Q’s award-winning ‘Green Pallet Scheme’ which was devised jointly by Scott Pallets and B&Q to address the waste and sustainability issues associated with single-use white wood pallets. The Green Pallet Scheme offers returnable pallets in bespoke sizes, made only from responsibly sourced timber. It has already made a massive impact by significantly minimising waste to landfill and reducing transport miles in the supply chain.

Using our Pallet Design System (PDS) software, our pallet designers have completed the redesign of numerous pallet specifications including 1030x1030mm, 2m and 3m bespoke pallets which are suitable for multi-trip use. Based on the volumes, this represents a potential long-term cost saving and the results are starting to come to fruition as recovered pallets are being collected and returned to Rose Building & Waterproofing for reuse.

Andy Lunn, Production Manager at Rose Building & Waterproofing, said: “It’s a smart business decision to go green. Not only will we potentially see cost savings across our annual spend on pallets, but this solution is better for the environment, and we are always keen to support our end customer in the delivery of sustainable activities that support the circular economy.”

New manufactured pallets and reconditioned pallets are supplied to Rose Building & Waterproofing from our Scott Pallets site in Castleford; Scott Pallets in Burton has satisfied some of the bespoke requirements, whilst the pallet recovery service is managed by our specialist team located in Burton.

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