Recon pallets in high demand

Peacock Salt is the largest and oldest importer of salt products in the UK and offers a wide range of products including industrial grade salt for winter de-icing, and for the cleaning, horticultural, agricultural and aquaculture industries, as well as gourmet food salt and cosmetic salt for scrubs and bath bombs.

With customers located everywhere in the British Isles from Lands’ End to John O’Groats and everywhere in between, delivery requirements range from single bags going to single destinations through to multi-site deliveries of several pallets for councils and commercial operations requiring a greater degree of logistical expertise.

Each week, Scott Pallets supplies a huge number of reconditioned pallets to Peacock Salt. The pallets are delivered to the main facility in Ayr as well as to mobile bagging facilities at the docks in Immingham, Avonmouth and Garston throughout the year.

reconditioned pallets

The inclement winter weather this year has presented exceptional circumstances for Peacock Salt. Demand for winter de-icing salt from throughout the UK created intense supply requirements and saw shipments of salt deliveries into Ayr more than double compared to last year.

In support of Peacock Salt’s increased volume requirements, Scott Pallets needed to ensure a continuous supply of reconditioned pallets to the main bagging facility, which in turn, would ensure Peacock Salt could meet its customers’ requirements.

recon pallets palletiser

In spite of the red alert weather warning throughout Central Scotland, Scott Pallets and Peacock Salt worked together and overcame the weather issues to deliver the essential pallets and salt supplies to customers in need.

Thanks to Peacock Salt for the complimentary supply of salt at our Bathgate site which helped to keep the wheels turning in the yard!

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