Scott Pallets supplies Isle of Harris Distillers

We have a strong track record of working with leading brand names in the drinks industry including supplying pallets to many of Scotland’s famous whisky distilleries. During 2016, we were delighted to be approached by Isle of Harris Distillers to supply our specialist whisky pallets.

Our specially designed bespoke ‘whisky pallets’ are produced to withstand the particular demands of the whisky industry, such as excessive weight bearing capabilities and an unusually long life span for holding whisky casks whilst the product matures in storage.

We work alongside our customers to ensure that the pallets we manufacture are absolutely ‘fit for purpose’, with a particular focus on health and safety compliance. Our whisky pallets can withstand over 6000kg and are built to last – in fact, we are aware of pallets that we manufactured over 30 years ago still being used. We also use the latest pallet design technology to ensure the structure of the pallets is such that the casks and their precious contents are sufficiently supported.

Simon Erlanger, Managing Director of Isle of Harris Distillers, said: “Due to its industry leading reputation, Scott Pallets was a natural choice when we needed to source pallets on which to store our precious casks on the island. It was a bonus to discover the family’s Harris roots and strong emotional ties to the place and we are delighted to be working with them”.

The Isle of Harris Distillery adds to our large portfolio of Scotch whisky customers, an industry where we have effectively carved a niche as a specialist supplier to this vital Scottish business sector.


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