Are you prepared for the packaging reform actions?

Are you prepared for the packaging reform actions?

The PRN (packaging waste recovery note) system was first established in 1997 and has been deemed no longer fit for purpose as it does not reflect the current waste management
practices of today.

The recent government consultation on PRNs highlighted several issues not being taken in to consideration such as the eCommerce boom, inconsistent funding and performance, fragmented communication, waste export operations and volatile market conditions.

As a result, the whole system is being overhauled to make producers more accountable, and the way organisations responsible for packaging must carry out their recycling has
changed. Extended producer responsibility (EPR) reforms represent the most significant change to the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations since their
implementation in 1997.

The changes will affect businesses that place packaged products onto the UK market, as they will have to pay 100% of the costs associated with dealing with packaging waste, known as full net cost recovery.

Obligated businesses will fund both the collection and recycling of packaging waste; the former is currently funded by local authorities using money accrued from local taxpayers.
If you’re affected by EPR for packaging, you will need to report your packaging data. Find out more about extended producer responsibility here.

If you have any queries about how the reform impacts your business, please talk to your usual account manager who will endeavour to answer your queries, but please be aware that there are currently hundreds of questions awaiting answers from DEFRA!

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