Are you keen to go green?

Are you keen to go green?

In the Summer 2022 edition of Platform, we introduced you to The Pallet LOOP – the circular economy pallet reuse scheme for the construction industry that’s different by design.

Founded by some of the biggest names in the UK pallet industry, The Pallet LOOP is a joint venture between Paul and Ryan Lewis (previously HLC Wood Products) and Scott Pallets (now part of BSW Group, a member of Binderholz).

Using the principles of circular economics, The Pallet LOOP’s mission is to eliminate avoidable pallet waste in the construction industry – helping the sector meet its zero waste and carbon net zero goals. Currently, less than 10% of the pallets used to distribute building materials in the UK are recovered and reused. The rest are typically skipped or scrapped, an outdated and dysfunctional practice that is unsustainable.

On a mission to change this, The Pallet LOOP has designed a range of distinctive green, 100% FSC pallets that can be used again and again. Offering eight pallet specifications that deliver greater levels of standardisation alongside a dedicated nationwide pallet collection service, The Pallet LOOP represents a step change in supply chain logistics for UK construction.

To incentivise pallet reuse across the sector, The Pallet LOOP’s collection service works out cheaper than putting pallets in skips. There will also be a financial incentive available to merchants, distributors, large housebuilders, and principal contractors for each green pallet that they put back into the LOOP for inspection and reinjection into the supply chain.

During the past year, The Pallet LOOP has been working closely with key players in the construction sector on the adoption of its service model. Discussions are now at an advanced stage with a number of material manufacturers that are keen to go green. Line testing with numerous building material manufacturers has taken place, with several undertaking end-to-end customer trials, with the expectation that green pallets will start to hit the sector later this year.

In advance of this, The Pallet LOOP continues to engage with Scott Pallets to ramp up its pallet collection service; a critical component of The Pallet LOOP solution that bridges the gap between manufacturing, recovery, repair, and re-issue to create a truly sustainable customer solution. The Pallet LOOP is now picking up an ever-increasing volume of single-use ‘white’ pallets from principal contractors and housebuilders nationwide in anticipation of green pallets hitting sites later this year – demonstrating there is a huge demand for a different way of managing pallets at the end of the supply chain.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Pallet LOOP email:

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