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Available on contract, for rent or purchase, our convenient vending machines provide you with secure inventory control, encouraging the responsible use of consumables, whilst controlling stock and cost. This is a managed, electronic solution for the vending of a variety of industrial products, and helps in driving up the efficiency of your workforce.

Inventor-e industrial vending solutions


iVendLocker is a locker-based industrial vending solution which speeds up the process of distributing your inventory and assets – eliminating a significant level of downtime.

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This scale-based inventory management vending system provides secure access and dispensing of products. The iVendScale system logs
inventory data collected via the scales as products are dispensed.

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SmartStores is an enterprise level storeroom management solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of stock in a storeroom environment. It provides real time enterprise wide visibility and control of your materials to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

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Case Studies

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe

The implementation of these industrial vending systems moves to a smart solution for consumable management with effective cost reduction; initial trials show up to 18% reduction in consumption rate – the end result less waste, less cost with more targeted use, replenishment and purchasing.

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Heil Farid

Scott Direct has been working with Heil Farid, the manufacturer of refuse and recycling vehicles, for many years, and is a key supplier of engineering consumables, welding materials, PPE and other specialist items.

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James Jones

Scott Direct has been instrumental in ensuring we have the correct PPE for our staff. Thanks to the strength of its supply chain, we have successfully specified a standard range of products which are great quality, comfortable and safe – keeping our employees happy.

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