Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned, used or second-hand pallets are a vital part of the mix for many pallet users, and are critical to our offering of a complete, sustainable pallet solution.

We are the UK’s most trusted, consistent buyer of used pallets, and therefore have a comprehensive range of pallet specifications in stock and for sale at all times.

We operate a strategic national network of 13 reconditioned pallet sites, and understand the requirements of our customers when it comes to reconditioned pallets. Our well-established grading and sorting process reflects this, and is consistent throughout all of our UK sites.

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Pallet Lifecycle

Supply chain security is critical to the success of our second-hand pallet business. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with major suppliers of used pallets from developing sectors. Combined with our experience in navigating the peaks and troughs in demand, we aim to ensure our own customers are never let down with supply.



Sustainability is integral to our core business values and it shapes the way we work across our operations in the UK and engage with our global supply chains.

We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our products at each stage of their life cycle. We look to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions and services to our customers which promote circular economy principles, aiming for zero non-recovered waste. By recycling our own internal waste, in all of our facilities, we also avoid generating landfill.

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