Scoring success with protective workwear

Score International, part of Score Group, is a global business providing valve management and actuation services to a range of industries including several of the world’s leading companies in the energy sector.

During our early discussions with Score, it became apparent that there were issues with existing fire-retardant coveralls being worn by staff throughout the business – from shrinkage and colour fading to emitting an unpleasant chemical odour! So we took on the challenge of exploring options for redesigning the garment.

Our product development team started to explore options with TenCate Protective Fabrics, a supplier of geosynthetic and industrial fabrics, proposing an innovative new fabric. We worked in collaboration with Tencate Protective Fabrics to create a new bespoke design with the fabric, and this was agreed by Score following a site visit to our manufacturing premises. Samples were produced and tested with Score personnel across six of its operational sites throughout the course of a two-month test phase, during which no issues were reported.

Following the rigorous testing process, Score’s buyers and site colleagues were delighted with the results, and in particular, the lightweight feel of the garment, wicking quality and comfortable fit. An order for 1,000 garments was placed. Our in-house manufacturing facility ensures we can accommodate a wide range of sizes, from 36 – 56 inches, as well as being able to manufacture out with these sizes, quickly, if required.


Score’s coveralls have been produced in a bespoke navy colour and branded for five different business units operating both onshore in the UK and offshore in the North Sea.

The new product, manufactured from Tencate Protective Fabric’s Tecopro® fabric, offers an extremely soft, supple and flexible finish due to its 4/1 satin construction, high cotton content and comfort-control finish.

The garments not only demonstrated a reduction in shrinkage, less than 4% after 50 industrial washes, but the colour fastness proved to be much more durable – lasting well past 50 industrial washes at 75°C. This makes the garment an ideal solution for the subcontracted industrial laundering process – benefiting the wearer, laundry and Score, reducing downtime from issue resolution.

The technical performance was also vastly improved, offering multi-risk protection which include EN ISO 11612 industrial flame and heat hazards, EN IEC 61482-1-2 electric arc ATPV of 16.4cal/cm2, EN13034 liquid chemical splash protection, EN 1149 anti-static for explosion risk combined with EN11611 class 1 welding, with outstanding metal spark protection – thanks to the smooth surface, molten metal splashes and sparks run right off.

The trial garments are still in operation and very much going strong after six months in the field. It is anticipated that the new coveralls will last for a minimum of 12 months versus the previous garments being replaced every five to six months. As a result, the Tecapro® fabric also offers great value for money, and the environmental benefits associated with the extended life of these garments, was also noted.

Ricky Cruickshanks and David Whyte Procurement and Supply Chain Managers at Score International, said: “We are delighted with the quality of the coveralls and we are receiving very positive feedback from our personnel. We are also very pleased with the level of technical support from Fraser Wallace and Des Ely not only on the coveralls but with their genuine commitment to assist us with the entire Scott Direct portfolio which bodes well for the future growth of the business between our two companies.”

Following the success of this re-design project, it is anticipated that we will supply a similar product, with relevant local specifications, for use throughout the Score Group’s international locations including Trinidad and Tabago, Canada and Australia.

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