Taking control of inventory management at Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe (M-ACE)

Working in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to help save costs and reduce wastage on PPE and consumables, Scott Direct has installed six new Inventor-e industrial vending machines at Mitsubishi’s air conditioning manufacturing facilities in Livingston.

The new iVendScale Plus vending machines will each be kept stocked with a bespoke range of PPE-related products, including specialist gloves, eye-protection and high-vis items. The full range of PPE is supplied and re-stocked by Scott Direct.

Alasdair McColl at Scott Direct said: “We were tasked with several key objectives for this project; to save costs by reducing unnecessary or careless consumption of PPE and consumables; providing 24-hour access to supplies, as well as reducing the time and cost associated with processing, storage and distribution and improving the overall customer experience.

“Our automated and accountable vending solution is already proving highly successful – producing less wastage, driving efficiency and saving money.”





Paul Rudden, Stores Section Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, added: “We’ve already seen an 18% reduction in employee spend, saving more than £5 per employee per month since the vending machines have been introduced. Cumulatively across the six machines, that’s a saving of almost £50,000 per year.”

Inventor-e’s iVendScale Plus machine was selected for this installation. It is a scale-based inventory management vending system providing secure access and dispensing of products. The system logs inventory data collected via the scales as products are dispensed.
Dean Henry, CEO at Inventor-e, said, “Our industrial vending solutions put the correct item in the right place at the right time. Ensuring optimum productivity while preventing work stoppages and controlling costs.

“The cloud-based inventory management software, Sourcerer, enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of material across all Inventor-e solutions and can also be used in mobile and storeroom environments with the SmartStores app, as well as vending solutions, providing real-time company-wide visibility and control of materials.”

Find out more about our vending solutions here.

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